Hello! My name is Heysho and I work for SEO and Digital Marketing for an international company in Tokyo.

I moved to Tokyo in 2018 and before living in Japan, I worked for a digital agency in Hawaii, as a web developer and online marketing specialist for about 3 years.

I made more than 10 websites including some famous 5-star hotels in Hawaii and I helped them generate more revenue as well.

In my free time, I like Gym, breakdance, studying English and blogging and learning Power Automate Desktop, Google App Script

History to start my career

I started learning about website business in 2012.

I quit my sales job in Singapore and flew to Australia to study web development in school.

6 months after, I started working as a freelance web designer in the night time while studying in a school in the day time.

In 2013, I started working for an e-commerce business company in the Philippines.

I was managing a small e-commerce website and it was so awesome to see that the sales have increased about 4 times as much after I started SEO and content marketing and from that point, I realized the power of marketing.

In 2014, I got a job offer from a company in Hawaii and started working as a web developer.

Other than creating new websites, I was in charge of some digital marketing projects. One of my biggest achievements was to rank in the first position for the most competitive keyword in Hawaii which is “Hawaii Hotel” by guest posting.

Another achievement was I increased the number of booking for a hotel by 3 times as much in 2 years.


About my blog

I started blogging since 2012 and currently run 3 blogs became popular and reached up to 200,000 PV / month in 2018.

Ref (A blog about working abroad)
Ref (My personal blog)
Ref (A blog about digital marketing.)

It also helped me learn a lot of tactics because every time I learned something new, I tried it on my blogs to see how it works.

What I do now

In 2017, I came back to Japan to work for my current job.

I’ve been learning digital marketing, UX and SEO from my co-workers every day.

I believe I love what I’m doing because every time I go out I listen to my favorite podcast Marketing School, watch You-Tube from Neil Patel and Brian Dean.

Break Dance

I’ve been practicing breakdance for over 10 years.

I used to a couple of crews before such as Foxfire(Japan), Night Kings(Japan), Freak Elites(Adelaide, Australia) and TBB(Worldwide).

Now I just practice with a couple of my friends in Tokyo.

Let’s Keep in Touch!

If I’ve been active on Twitter lately so let’s connect! I hope to have some friends who have the same interest with me.

» @japaneseseo | Twitter

I also have my meetup group which has not been active, but it would be great if you can join the next session in Tokyo☺

» Digital Marketing Japan | Meetup


Thanks for reading my profile! Arigato!