What is User/Usability Test? Process, Effect, Case Study etc

How Many People Should You Test?

“Keep listening to your customers”

I often hear that it is one of the most important key elements of business success nowadays.

That is why User Testing is something that we shouldn’t ignore.


What is user testing?
How can I do that? How many people? What kind of questions should I ask?



Oh wait, why do we need this in the first place?

To answer these questions, I’m going to show you how to conduct user testing.

Here is the preview;

  • What is user testing?
  • Why do you need that?
  • How much benefit can we get?
  • What is a user validation?
  • Sample and case study

I often work for user testing, user interview, usability testing, and user validation at my workplace and it really works for improving the website UX.

Especially if you work for a big international company, this article would help you understand the strategy a lot.


Let’s get started!

What is User Testing?

User testing is a way to identify problems with your website by interviewing your customers.

It’s also called usability testing, user interview and so on.

Ref Usability testing | Wikipedia

Why Do We Need User Testing?

Why Do We Need User Testing?

The best way to know about your target audience is to ask them

The biggest mistake in marketing is that you feel like you understand everything about your customers but it’s not that easy.

Your marketing strategy could fail when you keep providing the services that is off to your customer’s needs.

That is why a lot of big international companies spend their huge budget on user interviews and surveys because they know that the best way to know about users is to ask them.


We don’t have to be genius or creative. All we have to do is to keep providing what people want.

To avoid an argument in the team

Have you had an experience arguing with your team members discussing “what’s the best UX”?

It would be hard because everyone has their own opinion based on their experience or knowledge.

However, if you see the result from user testing, it’s obviously the direction to follow for everyone.

How Much benefits Can We Get from User Testing?

How Much benefits Can We Get from User Testing?

Based on the data from Nielsen Norman Group, the average growth of the conversion rate after user testing is 180%.

The figure seems extremely high but if you think about what they are doing, it totally makes sense.


Keep providing what your target customers want. That’s the most important in marketing.

How Many People Should You Test?

How Many People Should You Test?

Based on the research from Neilsen Norman Group, interviewing 5 users can pick up 85 of the problems from your website.


Neil Patel was talking about it on his podcast and he suggested 20~30 people interview. I personally think that 5 to 10 people would be enough for user interviews.

I’ve done user interviewing many times and in most cases, I got a lot of similar answers then stopped interviewing when I identify the problems.

Interview Your Target Audience

Interview Your Target Audience

If you run a B to B business website, it doesn’t make sense to ask random people for their opinions.

The goal for this website is to provide the best user experience to their potential customers, not for anyone else.

If you have personas for your business, choose people who are close to your persona.

What is User Validation?

User validation is a type of user testing to check if your implementation is going to work or not.

If you work for a big international company, you might have to conduct the user validation after suggesting a few improvement plans and see which implementation works the best.

The Process of User Testing

Step 1
Recruite Participants
The most popular way to find participants are ①Hire an agency ②Reqruit from your SNS or website ③Reach out to your client directly
Step 2
Prepare the task
Example 1: Please buy 2 pieces of 〇〇 and 3 pieces of ○○, after landing on the homepage. Example 2: Please buy our product in your most comfortable way.
Step 3
Run the Session
Use OBS and YouTube Live to record the session. During the test, the host is not supposed to talk to or help the participant. Instead, ask them to speak their thought loud as they do the testing activity.
Step 4
After the task, ask them anything that comes to their mind. Check if they don’t understand something.

User Testing Sample Video

This is the raw footage of user testing.

This type of testing is called “Think aloud” prototype testing.

I like this test because I can see the real user behavior while some user testing involves a lot of talking from the host which disturbs to see the actual flow.

Take the User Testing Yourself and See the Result

This is my favorite website that I can see the example tests result or take the test myself.

Ref Example tests | UsabilityHub

Funny Video about User Testing

By the way, I accidentally found this funny video on YouTube?

I like how participants take it seriously. 

User Testing from Japanese Audience

Please contact me If you want to conduct user testing from the Japanese audience.

I can organize reqruiting the participants and conduct the testing.


Thanks for reading!

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