Digital Marketing, Website/Landing Page Creation

With over 10 years of extensive experience in digital marketing and an international perspective, I offer a wide range of services including Landing page creation, SEO, advertising, SNS, email marketing, loyalty programs, and content marketing.


  • I have experience as a digital marketer, web developper, and team leader in global companies.
  • I cover a wide range of services including website/landing page creation, SEO/content marketing, advertising, SNS, and email marketing.
  • I offer high-quality services at reasonable prices.

If you have these problems, I'm here to help you.

  • Struggling to acquire IT and digital talent who can speak English
  • Looking for a reliable vendor who can handle everything from planning to execution and result analysis
  • Want to work with a marketer who has experience in large-scale global companies
  • Looking for a partner who can handle technical issues and is always available for consultation
  • Want to collaborate with talent who is passionate about their work and can provide exciting ideas
  • Looking for a local digital agency, but most of them can't speak English. The price is also too high.


1. Support for Digital Marketing

I provide professional support for digital marketing.

I offer a wide range of services from SEO optimization to effective advertising campaigns, strengthening customer engagement through SNS and email marketing, and content creation.

With a data-driven & customer-first approach, I support business growth with a solid and long-term perspective.

2. Connecting Global Teams and Japanese Teams with English Support

I provide support for the Japanese market of global companies and deliver the effective communications between the head office and local offices.

Utilizing business experience abroad and work experience in major global companies, I understand the strategy of global companies and play a role in sharing it with the Japanese team.

I also convey requests and feedback from the Japanese team to the global team, bridging communication between the two teams.

In this way, I aim for harmony between the unique needs of the Japanese market and global strategies, contributing to the success of both.

3. Website, Landing Page, Creative Creation Services

I create readable and functional websites, LPs (landing pages), and creatives.

The specifications of each service are as follows:

  • Website creation, Landing page creation: Includes direction (strategy), content creation, design, and coding with HTML/CSS/JavaScript.
  • Creative production: with Canva and Capcut.

I provide not just visually superior specifications, but ones that consider the perspective of marketing.

Services List of Service Contents


Optimize search-based user experience by improving Google search rankings.

Digital Advertising

From strategy planning to operation, optimize the user journey from brand recognition to purchase.

SNS Operation Agency

I provide consistent services from content planning to account operation.

Multilingual Website Creation

I create functional design and SEO-optimized websites in multiple languages.

Landing Page Creation

I maximize results with designs and content based on track record and data analysis.

Technical Support

I make requests and improvement suggestions for problem solving to the head office engineers of global companies.

Service Fees Bill on an hourly basis


10 hours per month
For New Customers




30 hours per month
3 Month Minimum




50 hours per month
3 Month Minimum